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Forfait Famille (Family package)

You ski in tribe?

LABELLEMONTAGNE pampers families, therefore you can enjoy a discount Ski Passes during your ski holydays, excluding season pass.

“Pack Famille” for all “geometries” of families !

Family Pack

Take advantage of our special offer “Pack Famille” (Family Pack)
Enjoy a special offer for the entire family. Fixed rate for -at least- 4 paying skipasses bought concomitantly for 6 to 14 consecutive days, including 1 or 2 parents and their children under 18 years or 24 years on presentation of student card

 Ski area Espace Diamant
192 km of slopes
Ski area Espace Val d'Arly
120 km of slopes
Family Pack - 4 membersAdditional member - 5 to 24 years oldFamily Pack - 4 membersAdditional member - 5 to 24 years old
6 days€704,00€172,40€549,00€131,50
7 days€800,00€195,80€625,00€146,40
8 days€896,00€219,20€703,00€164,80




price including taxes in euros, VAT applicable of 31/07/18.